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We should use emojis more 😇

Emojis have finally become mainstream! Yet, their use is restricted to only IM chats and Facebook status updates. For some reason emojis are not considered serious enough to be used in work related emails, blog posts, or printed media (There are exceptions to this of course, but thats the thing; they are exceptions).

This reputation has stemmed from the good old days of text-smileys — you know : :-) :-( :-@ ;) :’( , and for good reason. text-smileys often mixed in with the actual text of the content and so it made it very difficult to read large blocks of text with stuff like ;-) scattered throughout. Emojis are different. Emojis stand out✨. This is important, because anything that stands out in a piece of text tends to catch the readers attention first. Whenever you quickly skim through a long article, what catches your eye first? It’s the images and diagrams you look at that gives you a general feel for what the article stands for. Emojis now give you this power of emphasis at the sentence level 💪.

Just look at these two work related emails :

Subject : Congratulations


Hey Tim, Great work on the assignment. The client really liked our presentation. Please meet me at my office at 2pm to discuss the next steps.

Regards, Tom

Emojified :

Subject : Congratulations 😄


Hey Tim, Great work on the assignment 👍. The client really liked our presentation. Please meet me at my office at 2pm to discuss the next steps.

Regards, Tom

The emojified mail has an aura of positivity. By just looking at it, you can tell that it’s about something good.

For years writing has evolved to be able to convey thoughts and meaning, but for the first time, unskilled writers can convey emotion as well. You can convey what you’re feeling to the person you’re talking to without having to explicitly tell them (which in my opinion, used to be the hardest part of written communication). Consider these sentences :

I finally did it 😁✌️

I finally did it 😔

I finally did it 😰

All three sentences now have completely different context.

Even if you don’t believe in the emotional expressiveness of emojis, they have a lot more to offer as well. The most overlooked “utility” emojis can be extremely useful for things like to-do lists:

✅ Completed installation of pipes ✅ Changed cats litter box ✅ Watered my plants ⚪️ Bought groceries

or instructionals :

⚠️ Please check your luggage after landing ⚠️ Please wear your seatbelt during takeoff ❌ Smoking is not permitted

You might be thinking “wait, we can just use images for that… what good do these emojis do us?“. One advantage emojis provide is that they are widely adopted, and can be displayed on just about any modern computer or mobile device. Also, it’s just text … if you want to copy your todo list and send it as an SMS, its as simple as Ctrl+C - Ctrl-V.

Finally, if not for any other reason, use emojis because they’re fun. Whether you are writing to people at work, or to your friends, or in your blog, including the occasional emoji where ever appropriate always adds color to an otherwise dull day. So to everyone asking why emojis should be used, let me pose a counter question : Why should they not?💁

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Soham Kamani

Written by Soham Kamani, an author,and a full-stack developer who has extensive experience in the JavaScript ecosystem, and building large scale applications in Go. He is an open source enthusiast and an avid blogger. You should follow him on Twitter